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The Original Wink Ease Eye Protection  

Tanning Eye Protection

Get total UVA/UVB protection with Wink Ease, a convenient, disposable eye-care solution for salon or home tanning.

Check out some of the reasons why all tanners are talking about Wink Ease:

  • Easy to Use – Much like stickers, Wink Ease disposable eye covers are packaged on paper backing. Remove each Wink Ease and holding with the adhesive side up, fold into an overlapping cone sized to fit your eye. Fit the cone into your eye socket and pat gently to secure in place.
  • Coverage – Wink Ease protects the entire surface of the eye from the harmful effects of UV exposure.
  • Comfort – Wink Ease is lightweight. Many tanners report that Wink Ease eye covers are more comfortable than traditional tanning goggles.
  • Simple Removal – Wink Ease utilizes a light medical adhesive that peels away easily and without discomfort after tanning.
  • Complete Visibility – The clever construction of Wink Ease eye covers allows wearers total visibility. Users can move around the studio or adjust their tanning sessions in protected comfort.
  • Perfect for Upright Tanning – The adhesive holds Wink Ease in place even when standing.
  • Convenient – Tanners who leave their goggles at home don’t have to buy new ones or postpone their tanning sessions.
  • Sanitary – With Wink Ease, there’s no need to clean or disinfect goggles or glasses. Simply discard Wink Ease after use.
  • Superior Results – Unlike the unsightly “raccoon eyes” or white lines that often result from wearing glasses or goggles while tanning, Wink Ease covers only the eye itself, leading to a smooth, uniform facial tan.
  • Versatility – Use Wink Ease for indoor or outdoor facial or full-body tanning, in the studio or at home.
Wink Ease dispenser with roll.



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Disposable Wink Ease eye protection is available in a convenient counter-top display that contains 250 pairs per box (6 boxes per case) or resealable 30-pair packs.

wink ease step 1 wink ease step 2 wink ease step 3
Carefully remove from paper backing… …starting with adhesive side up, size to your eye… …by folding right portion over left portion…
wink ease step 4 wink ease step 5 wink ease step 6
…to form a cone, with overlap at the top. Place completed cone next to bridge of nose. Cone will cover eye completely. Tap gently into place to secure.

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