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sundream tanning
tanning canopyWhether you’re a dedicated sun worshipper, a regular at your local tanning salon, or a newcomer hoping to integrate tanning into your wellness regimen, the Sundream tanning canopy has something for you. Designed by ProSun, an industry leader in professional tanning beds, the Sundream incorporates the exclusive features and quality performance exemplified by that brand in an affordable package developed for home use.This expertly manufactured portable system allows complete tanning satisfaction. Use it to ease into tanning by gradually building a base tan, to supplement your salon tanning experience by maintaining your tan between studio visits, or to transfer all of your tanning sessions to the comfort of your home.Unlike traditional tanning beds that consist of a joined canopy and bench, the Sundream eliminates extra elements to create a streamlined, space-saving and comprehensive home tanning system. The flexible canopy is equipped with:

  • 12 100-watt 71-inch RUVA tanning lamps and is gently curved to provide maximum exposure.
  • A swivel frame that allows you to adjust the intensity or target specific areas.
  • A timer that permits sessions of as long as 30 minutes enables you to regulate tanning times to suit your needs. Simply shift position to achieve an even, full body tan.
  • A lightweight, clever design that slides easily beneath a bed, couch or recliner to allow you to relax in comfort while tanning.

Meditate, listen to music or even watch TV while basking in soothing warmth that may help calm aching muscles and joints while simultaneously delivers a salon-quality tan.

It is ideal for apartment, townhome, or condominium dwellers or anyone without room to spare. In the upright position the Sundream occupies a mere 3 X 3 feet of floor space. The rolling coasters make it simple to move to your preferred tanning location, and it slides easily into a corner or closet when not in use for quick, out of sight storage.

Now the benefits of tanning can be yours in a compact, convenient and affordable package. Enjoy adjustable full-body tanning in the comfort of your home with the Sundream, the premier starter tanning system designed for residential use.

Compare standard & optional features of Sundream with other home tanning options.


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