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prosun jade

home tanning equipment for sale

  • ProTech reflector lamps
  • Easily accessed session timer
  • Energy efficient air flow
  • Jade 24, 26 use Onyx canopies
  • 26 & Up available in Cherry Red

Color Options

Prosun Jade red

Cherry Red

Pearl White

Pearl White

prosun jade bronze


ProSun Jade Series Home Tanning Bed

Having an excellent tan does not always entail a tanning salon experience. You can have a salon quality tan right in the comfort of your home with ProSun’s top-of-the line Jade series. Although the Jade tanning beds are the same size as the entry level commercial units, they operate on standards 120 volt outlets available anywhere in your home. With these advantages in mind, you can be assured that discontinuing multiple trips to the tanning salon every week will have no impact on your quest for the perfect tan. Jade series home beds have commercial quality features right at your fingertips.

High Tech Cooling System

ProSun Jade series comes with an advanced cooling design system.
The fan has four extra-wide ventilations which drastically
increase airflow to keep the bed cool and comfortable for
the entire length of your sessions.

Largest Tanning Surface

prosun jade open
The Jade series offers the largest tanning surface area of all ProSun’s home tanning bed offerings. Anyone can tan comfortably on a frame 5 inches longer and wider that holds 71” or 75” bulbs. Comfortable, Stylish Bench Design.

The bench design is attractively luxurious and yet very user-friendly with an accessible lifting system for opening the canopy as well as an easy-to-use control panel. The Jade comes with a gently curved acrylic surface on both top and bottom that will fully encapsulate you for a more comfortable tan. It is also embedded with the “Click-Strip” system, a half inch wide plastic strip that pops up at the right angle, making it easy to remove the acrylic cover without disassembling the bed for easy dusting and bulb replacement.

Canopy Lamps12 x 100W R-UVA14 x 110W R-UVA

ProSun Jade Jade 24 Jade 26
Bench Lamps 12 x 100W R-UVA 12 x 100W R-UVA
Timer Type Dial Digital
Maximum Session Time 30 minutes 20 minutes
Adjustible Gas Spring Lifts Standard Standard
Easy acrylic Removal System Standard Standard
Connection, Breaker 120v / 20 Amp 120v / 20 Amp
Standard Colors Cherry Red, Bronze Cherry Red, Bronze
Heat pad & Goggles Standard Standard
Weight 300lbs. 300lbs.
Overall Dimentions 83″L x 35.5″W x 48″H 83″L x 35.5″W x 48″H
Disclaimer: Welproma reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice.

Models Available

home equipment

Jade 24 Lamp

The Jade 24 is affordable and allows you to enjoy the sun and boost your confidence level with its 30 minute maximum session time. They have standard 100 watt bulbs. The 30-minute session dial timer is easily accessible and the bed’s canopy is efficiently positioned to offer the necessary tanning distance to your body without restricting your space.

Jade 26 Lamp

The Jade 26 contains 2 more bulbs. Additionally, comes with 14 commercial grade 110W reflector lamps (reflectors built into the bulb) in the canopy making it more powerful and reducing the session time maximum to 20 minutes. The bulbs are 75 inches long for more complete coverage of taller people. The digital timer is also easily reachable and user-friendly.

Compare standard & optional features of Jade series with other home tanning choices.

Minimal Assembly and Maintenance

The Jade is delivered to you in two boxes and is 95% pre-assembled with all the hardware included. All you have to do is connect the top and bottom together at the hinges to begin enjoying the benefits of having a commercial quality tanning bed in your home.

Bulbs last approximately 1000 hours, or 2400 sessions for the beds with 20 minute sessions, usually five to six years for typical consistent users.


The Jade series elegant design comes in metallic bronze and cherry red.

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