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Prosun Azure Home Tanning Bedhoma tanning

ProSun Azure Home Tanning Bed

The Azure is the largest mid-range home tanning bed in the industry. It has an open frame and a deep curved bench for excellent exposure and all-around tanning. ProSun developed the Azure using our knowledge of high-end salon equipment design. The Azure is sturdy, and offers a lifetime warranty on its tubular steel framework.
The bronzing system in this bed is like no other. The lamps are positioned close together for concentrated tanning strength not found in any other bed of its size. The Azure is easily the most efficient mid-range tanning bed on the market due to lamp placement and its commercial design.

azure tanning bed

  • 16-24 100-Watt 71″ Lamps
  • Reflector lamps in all canopies
  • Utilizes Safe & Simple Power (120V)
  • Commercially designed and engineered
  • Largest and most efficient mid-range home tanning bed on the market

Shipping, Assembly, and Maintenance

Assembly is easy with the Azure, packaged with a bench unit that hinges to an upper canopy. It connects easily at the hinge then plugs into a standard home outlet of 120 volts. This certainly makes the unit desirable and an easy option for home use with no additional wiring or electrical work required.

The acrylic cover is easy to remove to clean dust that might build up inside or replace lamps when necessary. Bulbs last 1000 hours, or 2000 thirty minute sessions, so length-of-life is directly related to usage.


The Azure is aesthetically pleasing and is compact enough to be a good choice for home use, measuring only 78 inches in length. This allows it to fit into most rooms of a standard home with ease.

The Azure has 3 lamp options to select from that influence the pricing structure of the bed. Options are 16 lamps (8 on top and 8 on bottom), 20 lamps (10 on top and 10 on the bottom) or 24 lamps (12 on top and 12 on the bottom). The basic quality of the tan is the same regardless of lamp count but it requires a longer amount of time when fewer bulbs are used. Time and budget are critical elements in the buying decision for most people. Some people can justify the more expensive model and other people might prefer to pay less and tan more frequently. It becomes a personal decision as all lamp options perform the same function.

Models Azure 16 Azure 24
Canopy Lamps 8 x 100W 12 x 100W
Bench Lamps 8 x 100W 12 x 100W
Maximum Session Time 20 minutes 20 minutes
Adjustible Gas Spring Lifts Standard Standard
Easy acrylic Removal System Standard Standard
Connection, Breaker 120v / 15 Amp 120v / 20 Amp
Standard Colors Azure Blue Azure Blue
Heat pad & Goggles Standard Standard
Weight 275lbs. 275lbs.
Overall Dimentions 78″L x 30″W 78″L x 30″W
Disclaimer: Welproma reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice.


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