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Introducing the LightBox

Welproma is proud to present Lightbox, a revolutionary innovation in at-home facial tanning. This cutting-edge tabletop unit combines the ultimate in both form and function to deliver spectacular results. If you’ve always wanted to tan at home but have been inhibited by a lack of space or the limitations of existing table-top systems, Lightbox is your home tanning solution.lightbox3 side

lightbox tan

The healthy glow of a golden tan can take years off your appearance while increasing the self-confidence that makes you successful in everything you do. Perfect for busy professional men and women, Lightbox allows you to tan in the comfort of your own home, any time you choose. Use it for special occasions or incorporate it into your regular self-care regimen to maintain an attractive and radiant tan all year long.

Unlike other flat, single-plane table-top tanning units, the Lightbox includes 12 extra-long 15-watt tanning lamps, an adjustable central tanning surface and wrap-around side panels to provide superior, even tanning to the face, throat and neckline. The UV tanning lamps increase vitamin D uptake while achieving a sun-kissed golden glow. Both models come complete with a 30-minute timer with automatic shut-off and are simple to operate. The compact size and portable design of the Lightbox make it possible to tan at your dressing table, at your dining room table or even at your desk.

The Lightbox arrives fully assembled, delivered direct to your door. The long-lasting lamps supply 600 to 800 hours of tanning, equaling hundreds of sessions, and when eventually necessary, lamp replacement is simple and accomplished in no time.

If you’ve always wanted to indulge in home tanning but were skeptical of table-top systems or didn’t think you had the space, think again. Now all of the benefits of tanning and the boost in confidence that comes with it can be yours in a space-saving package designed by one of the world’s premier manufacturers of commercial tanning systems. Enjoy professional-grade facial tanning in the comfort and convenience of your home with Lightbox from Welproma.

Disclaimer: Welproma reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice.This product is to be used only for cosmetic purposes.

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